About Me

What’s my story?

Since before I could speak, I was an artist… I loved singing, performing, dancing and drawing. Yet I was also a straight-A honor student with a very strategic mind. So although I would have died to be a Broadway star, I decided to study business and finance instead because it was “safe” and I knew my family would be proud of me. Then when I graduated, I actually found a job working in banking and business. Not that it was a bad career, because I really had a “dream job”…but I felt bored, sick and empty inside in that role.

Finally after a decade I decided to resign and work philanthropically to help arts professionals and mission-driven businesses succeed. But after a while it took me having pennies in my bank account to realize I had left a lucrative career to become a struggling “artist.” In my case, I had to learn the hard way to embrace my “art” or my mission. At that moment I realized that to really serve others while serving myself I had to merge my background in business and marketing with my love of helping and training others to build strong business with a strong mission and strong exposure.

I believe that your “mission,” “purpose” or “art” or whatever you’re passionate about sharing with the world, makes a difference in millions of people’s lives… whether it is through providing a needed product or service that others love and enjoy, helping those in need, or any other “art” that benefits others. Your Mission and “Art” really has the power to change the world! My mission is to help uplift humanity through helping you develop your mission…. by helping you find and develop your inner “artist” and become your highest self both professionally and personally.

So, What’s Your Mission?

Who is Alexandra Figueredo?

An internationally renowned Business Success & Branding Consultant, Alexandra Figueredo is the founder of her own agency that helps passionate, mission-driven and socially conscious businesses and entrepreneurs improve the business and marketing side of their business, coaching and guiding them to success so they focus on what they do best. Through Alexandra’s publicity, awareness and marketing campaigns, she will help you shine in your chosen craft or competency; whether your business is in the arts, design, wellness, fashion, medicine, or any other career you are passionate about. As a Certified Professional Coach, she helps guide business owners and professionals who are transitioning careers or industries, searching for their mission and true calling, or even focus on profitability and productivity so they can earn more in less time.

As the author of Sculpt Your Life From Sketch to Masterpiece(TM) and future books set to be released in the next 12 months, she has produced practical and motivational success guides that inspire productivity and greater financial stability while focusing on your mission. As a trainer and speaker, her passionate and bubbly personality and musical interjections provide a fun yet practical guide to pushing the audience to their greatest potential and elevating them to the next level. She’s been cited and interviewed by various news stations, publications and resources, including ABC news, Natural Awakenings, CareerBuilder and The Grindstone. She is also a writer, columnist and contributor for numerous magazines and publications.

Alexandra has spent several years analyzing the needs of arts professionals as co-founder of ArtistaMundo.com, a global online forum serving as a resource for thousands of artists and creative professionals. Prior to working in the arts, she held positions in banking, marketing and business for nearly a decade, most recently as Assistant Vice President at a private bank in Miami. During her years in the corporate world, she realized her legacy was to give back to others less fortunate and promote the advancement of arts and culture. This was a large part of creating Artista Foundation, Inc. to provide educational, therapeutic and promotional services for emerging artists, and underserved communities. She’s very proud that 10% of her profits goes toward this arts charity.

A lover of learning and perpetual student, she is completing her masters in Global Strategic Communications at Florida International University, and obtained her Bachelors in Business from University of Florida (Go Gators!). She’s been awarded numerous awards, both in industry and in the arts, and is active in various philanthropic and arts organizations. Alexandra has been involved in singing, musical theater and dance performances her whole life and has performed in numerous choral and musical shows. She is currently working on completing a CD of motivational songs, so look out for more soon! An avid traveler and lover of different cultures, she’s visited 5 continents and was blessed with the opportunity to travel abroad numerous times.

Alexandra currently resides in Miami, Florida. She may be reached at Alexandra@ArtistaMundo.com, or find her through Twitter and her new Facebook page.

For more articles on success, business and other valuable information, check out her blog at alexfigueredo.blogspot.com or sign up for her newsletter.