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Referral Program

It’s really easy… if you like my products or services and would like to refer a friend or your network to purchase an item that is available, you can earn 25% commission off of sales. [Note - Certain items in the future may earn a higher or lower commission depending on the product, service or situation.]

If your friend can use the product or service to improve their lives, then you might as well get paid a referral fee. It’s a Win-Win-Win! Of course, you could always refer your connections to me or my products just because you think your friend can benefit from it, and I would be oh, so appreciative from the bottom of my heart! Just make sure your friend tells me so I can be sure to reward you in other ways!

I love all my Referrers and appreciate all Referrals!


Products/Services I Recommend*

E-Commerce: is the E-Commerce Site I use for my own E-Commerce. After doing much research, it is the one I found to be most practical for my needs and includes an email marketing and autoresponder campaign, which is so convenient!

Check it out Here: 1ShoppingCart Program

*Please note I do get paid commissions for these products I recommend. However, I will never recommend a product that I do not use and/or endorse fully. Please do your own research prior to purchasing any items to make sure it fits your needs