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Why is it so difficult to sell my work?

Why aren’t people paying me what I deserve?

How can I just focus on doing what I love?

What am I doing wrong?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, then you too are frustrated with the business and marketing side of doing what you love. I understand! It doesn’t have to be so difficult!

Imagine if you had the right person coaching and guiding you with the right strategies to:

-       Generate Increased Sales, Income & Profits!

-       Attract More and Better Clients & Projects!

-       Improve your Marketing & Branding Tactics to Increase your Exposure and Publicity!

-       Elevate your Status Within Your Industry!

-       Increase your Productivity & Find more Time in your day!

-       Create a Plan-for-Action for your Life Priorities & Goals!

-       Fulfill your Purpose in Life!

-       Motivate your employees and improve company morale!

-       Train staff for employee retention and increased productivity!

As a Business Success Coach, I push passionate business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs like you to realize their full potential and everything they have only dreamed of for themselves and their businesses.

Do you need that extra push to jumpstart your journey to success? Do need a positive and motivational advisor to guide you in your professional or personal goals?

Let me be that friend and guide that coaches you and holds you accountable for your actions! My background in business, finance and marketing, along with years in the creative industry and positive and motivating personality, are just what you need to kickstart your career or elevate you to the next level! My tough, yet empathetic approach may be just what you need.

I’ve trained and consulted hundreds of individuals in various business areas. Success Coaching may be right for you as well. Please contact me at to arrange a Free 15-minute Consultation. Read the Frequently Asked Questions which may answer some of your questions.


Whether you are a small or large business, I can help you and your staff become more passionate about your craft, increase exposure and marketing, and create more productive employees! The following are some ways I can help you create:

- Social Media/Marketing Plan and Implementation

- Media Training for Employees or Spokespersons

- Corporate Branding Image

- Public Relations Campaign

- Prepare Press/Media Releases and create viral campaigns

- Corporate Wellness/Employee Retention Plans

- Motivational Speaking/Morale Building


Strategic plans are the life-blood of any business or profession! Having both a strong business and marketing background, I can help you assess your business’ needs and wants, cut the fat where you need it, come up with a plan that works for you! This strategic plan is a great deal if you’d like to get an assessment of your current business picture and feedback, strategies and actionable steps for taking your business further!

Would you like a Free Consultation to see if a strategic plan is right for you? Email Alexandra at to schedule a phone appointment!

Business Strategic Assessment:

- Meetings/Conference Calls with business management and team

- Detailed understanding of business background, mission, vision, company needs and wants

- Receive a Detailed Strategic Assessment Report with strategies, suggestions and actionable steps for success

*This strategic plan is the most important part of the assessment –why you pay the big bucks to get an outsider to look in and give you valuable information to improve your business!

Price: Only $1,499!*


If you are a solo-entrepreneur or professional, just some of the areas I can help you with are to create:

- Marketing Plan or Social Media Plan

- Personal Branding Campaign

- Improve Productivity & Motivation

- Financial Freedom Plan

- And much more!

Individual Assessment Special Offer:

For individuals, I offer the following strategic assessment for your business or profession:

- One in-person meeting or phone conversation

- Detailed understanding of professional background, goals and vision

- Receive a Detailed Assessment Report with strategies, suggestions and actionable steps for success

- Bonus: Discounts up to 25% on informational products/services/workshops sold or offered by me during the month of coaching!

Price: Only $499!*

[Please note that apart from the above plan, we can customize your own personalized consultation to best fit your needs and wants.]


Get the personalized attention and push you need! I start out providing you an in-depth questionnaire that allows me to understand where you are and where you want to be. What are your needs, goals, strengths and weaknesses? After assessing various factors, I can structure an individual plan for you which we discuss in our sessions (I can provide a free quote up front).

Every conversation, we discuss a motivating and strategic plan with actionable steps to elevate you to the next level of your success. Our coaching session is highly synergistic, motivating and you receive the accountability you need to turn your goals into a reality!

Plus you receive discounts up to 25% on informational products/services/workshops sold or offered by me for each month of coaching!

Coaching Fee: $399 per hour

[Please ask me for a quote based on your needs, I provide a package deal for multiple sessions.]

Would you like a Free Consultation to see if coaching is right for you? Email Alexandra at to schedule an appointment! Make sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions which may answer many of your questions.

Due to the requests from my clients, I have developed the following Success Coaching programs:


TRANSFORM THE NEW YOU! Personal Goals Coaching Package:

- Designed so you can finally DREAM BIG and achieve all you’ve aspired to! Live your best year ever!

- Five 60-min conversations via phone or skype per month, plus limited follow-up emails

- Receive a Detailed Assessment Report with strategies, suggestions and actionable steps for success

For More Information, click Here.

TIME TO SHINE! – Personal Branding Coaching Package:

- Are you ready to shine in your career? Are you an expert in your craft or industry and ready for the world to know it?

- If you wish to shine and become a STAR in your craft, you must create and flaunt your Personal Brand!

- We’ll create (or improve) your Personal Brand, create a publicity and press strategy, and marketing plan so you can become the  star you deserve to be in your craft!

What is Entailed:

- Five, 60-minute strategic coaching sessions via phone or

- Receive a detailed “Personal Branding” Report, with your branding/marketing goals, Plan for Action and Actionable Steps for success


- Includes a FREE Sculpt Your Life From Sketch to Masterpiece(TM) Success Program PDF (or e-Reader version, if preferred)

- 25% Off Coupon for all items purchased through during the months of coaching


All of the Above for Just: $1499! 

*Paid in one lump sum, OR you can pay in 3 payments of $550!



Group Coaching is one of the most effective and affordable opportunities to share and benefit from group think. Every session I provide a motivating yet strategic plan for each individual to work on with actionable steps throughout the month. What a great way to be held accountable for your actions and get that much closer to meeting your goals!

The stated price includes the following per month:

- Two (2) group tele-conference or skype coaching sessions

- Monthly Q&A tele-conference or webinar to answer questions in between coaching sessions

- Limited email conversation

- Bonus: Discounts up to 15% on informational products/services/workshops sold or offered by me!

Price: $199 per month 

Limited number of seats, Sign Up now! 

Are you willing to make a commitment to your success?

To RSVP or for more information, contact

Would you like a Free Consultation to see if any of the above coaching is right for you? Email Alexandra at to schedule an appointment!


Wouldn’t it be great to have continued business tips, strategies, motivation and general success techniques to move your business forward? Join the Masterpiece Guild, members-only club! The Masterpiece Guild provides you with a monthly newsletter with valuable strategies, tips and resources for business, marketing, finance, motivation and other success tips!

Success Coach Alexandra Figueredo will also host one sixty minute webinar/conference call per month on valuable business topics or interviews with key experts; plus one Q&A webinar/conference call per month answering your business and success questions collected throughout the month. You’ll have more access to Alexandra through email and Facebook group page as well. Plus as a Member, you get 10% off Artista Coaching products, webinars, workshops and services (some restrictions apply).

If you need that extra push to get your business in the right direction, the Masterpiece Guild is for you!

Enroll for the Masterpiece Guild for just $14.95 per month:

If you have any other questions about Coaching, make sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions which may answer many of your questions or concerns. Here’s to your success!


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