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What’s YOUR Mission?

What’s your story? What does your business or brand stand for? Do you have a Vision that is greater than yourself, your product or service?

It’s no secret, if you don’t have a strong mission behind your brand, customers will easily go for other brands that are cheaper or provide other benefits that you don’t. A strong Mission and Vision builds brand loyalty, which allows customers to come back to your brand time and time again. From my experience as a marketing and communications professional, it is so much easier for customers to stand behind a brand that has a strong mission. And it’s much more than just having a cookie-cutter Mission Statement!


I can help you structure plans and retainers for the following Marketing/Communications Services:

-       Develop a Strong Mission for Your Brand That Ties to Your Core Competency & Mission Statement

-       Create a Strong Corporate or Personal Brand that Attracts Clients to You and Your Biz

-       Develop PR Campaigns to Gain Exposure & Awareness for your Biz, Event or Cause

-       Prepare Video Marketing Pieces That Generate Online Buzz & Exposure 

-       Write Press/Media Releases and create viral campaigns for your biz or events

-        Attract More and Better Clients & Projects & Increase Sales

-        Integrate Social Media & Online Marketing Tactics to Increase your Exposure

-        Elevate your Publicity & Status Within Your Industry

-        Create Integrated Marketing Campaigns and Implementation

-        Media Training for Employees or Spokespersons


How would it feel to spend precious time and energy on your main business focus, rather than trying to market your biz?

It’s time to hire a trusted agency that specializes in promoting your biz, events and causes while listening to your needs. We’ve worked on marketing campaigns for dozens of clients in various business areas including large multinationals such as Samsung and Medtronic, and small businesses and entrepreneurs. And I’ll work with your budget and needs to create the right plan for your biz needs!

Please contact me at to arrange a call or meeting to discuss your needs.

*Solo-Entrepreneurs and Non-Profit/Charity Organizations*

If you are a solo entrepreneur non-profit or charity organization or event, you may be eligible for our streamlined marketing/public relations plan that is more affordable than what a full-blown PR agency would cost. This is designed to provide awareness and exposure without incurring high fees. Ask me about this special offer and if it is good for your business.

Please contact me at to arrange a call to discuss your needs.