E-File Downloads

Here are some instructions for downloading the Kindle and ePub files:


Kindle/Mobi files:

It is very quick and easy to download and transfer files to your Kindle:

1. Download the Mobi (Kindle) file to your Desktop.

2. Attach your Kindle to your computer with a USB cable.

3. Open the Kindle Folder either in Finder on Mac or Windows Explorer on PC.

4. Open the Documents Folder.

5. Drag and Drop your Mobi(Kindle) file into the Documents Folder and it will be copied. Presto!


Here is a quick video tutorial I found for transferring files to Kindle:



ePub Files:

To Download ePub files, there are a few different ways to read on your reader:

- Download Adobe Digital Editions Software. Click here for more information:


- Download Stanza software to your iPod or iPad. Click here for a helpful video tutorial:


- Other formats and instructions you can follow to download:



If you’re still having trouble, please contact me at Alexandra@ArtistaMundo.com.