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Introduction: Starting the Journey to Your Masterpiece Life


The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.


You are on a journey…a journey toward achieving your Masterpiece Life!

Your life—a life that is unique—is not like that of any other being on this planet. Your life is a brilliant work of art, a masterpiece!

“Art” is your craft or any form of creation made with passion and purpose to benefit others. Being an “artist” as I refer in this book, applies to anyone who makes an art out of one’s expertise, a “Master” within one’s craft. This includes artists in the traditional sense, entrepreneurs or professionals in any creative field (who I refer to as “creative professionals”), as well as passionate individuals who wish to attain more fulfilling lives.

To achieve excellence requires you to become a Master of your own life. A Master has incredible expertise in his “art.” But the Master also has thorough control over his thoughts, actions and work. Just as a Master puts forth sweat to create his work, you must put forth thought, planning, persistence and perseverance to create your magnificent life.

We are about to enter into the creative minds of some remarkable Masters—Masters who not only left us their art, but a priceless collection of advice and strategies derived from their spectacular lives, that can benefit and enhance our own journeys.

Divine Inspiration

To try to understand the real significance of what the great artists,

 the serious masters, tell us in their masterpieces, that leads to God;

one man wrote or told it in a book; another in a picture.

Vincent van Gogh


After reading the above quote by Vincent van Gogh, and the writings of many of the Renaissance Masters, it is apparent that these artists felt “divinely connected” to God or the “Supreme Being.” Many of these Masters genuinely believed the source of their inspiration was “divine” and they were a medium for creation.[1]

It is clear that the Masters possessed a remarkable talent that made them stand out above others. But it goes beyond that! Their imagination and spirit seemed outside the physical or conscious level. They recognized they were here to complete a mission in life and were determined to continue their course until they reached it.

Your Masterpiece Life, too, may feel “divinely inspired,” one in which you are truly living as your “highest self.”

What is a Masterpiece?

According to the Collins English Dictionary: Complete & Unabridged retrieved through TheFreeDictionary.com, the first definition listed for “masterpiece” is:

“An outstanding work, achievement, or performance”

Yes, it is true that “masterpiece” involves an outstanding level of skill and achievement. For use in this book, however, this definition is incomplete. It lacks a sense of individuality or originality.

Not one of the definitions I have found refers to a work as both outstanding and original. It is not merely good enough to copy others or be great at what has already been done before. It is solely up to you to create and develop your own mastery.

What I found missing in all standard definitions of the word “masterpiece” is an essential element, which is that Masterpiece is Unique.

What is Your Masterpiece Life?

How can you apply this new definition of “masterpiece” to your own life? Your Masterpiece Life is what I term “You-nique.” The term “You-nique” refers to your one-of-a-kind essence or your true being.

Your Masterpiece Life is one in which you are committed to living as your most outstanding, “highest self” throughout your journey of success. How you define “success” is You-nique to you and your core values, and what you most want to achieve in your life. Life is not all about money and possessions, and you can define “success” and “riches” in many ways.

You might search high and low to discover the greatness that leads you to your Masterpiece Life—but look no further than yourself to find it! You may not know it, but you are already destined to lead your Masterpiece Life.

Sculpting Your Life

We can learn much from the great Masters throughout history. Although they did have incredible talent, they weren’t just born Masters. They apprenticed, trained and were sculpted and molded into the unique Masters they ultimately became. Some of them did not realize their mastery until later in life. Others did not live to know their potential fame or prestige. Regardless, these Masters shared commonalities in acquiring success, each leading a unique Masterpiece Life.

Even centuries ago, the great Masters seemed to understand and apply success strategies which can still be so elusive to us today. This book will discuss these timeless strategies, along with some modern principles of business and promotion to highlight success tactics demanded in today’s business environment.

This book is divided into four parts. “Part I: Sketching Your Life” helps you to concentrate on your true mission, or your Masterpiece Purpose, and gets you to think with your Masterpiece Mind to set your goals. “Part II: Creating Your Masterpiece” helps you to establish an effective plan to put your goals into action and to create your masterpiece work. “Part III: Managing Your Critic” helps you to overcome obstacles to move forward positively. “Part IV: Reaching Masterpiece Status” helps you to elevate your business practices and partnerships to reach greater success capabilities.

After reading each chapter, I recommend performing the Call to Action items in the Journal at the end of the book. These self-reflection exercises and actionable steps will help you put into practice right away the principles and strategies presented in each chapter. I have even included a reminder after each chapter to refer you to the Call to Action Journal!

The success strategies designed to help you are:

- Understanding your true Masterpiece Purpose in life

-       Adjusting your mindset to attract greater success

-       Setting goals to sketch your life the way you desire

-       Designing a plan for action and executing the plan

-       Creating masterpiece work

-       Taking risks and overcoming fears

-       Remaining positive and handling criticism

-       Applying business and promotion principles to your work

-       Forming strategic partnerships

-       Continuously working toward self-improvement

Using the Masters as inspiration through these success strategies, you too can learn to sculpt your life into the masterpiece you so deserve. Do you dare to leave an average life and lead a spectacular life? To do so, you must be courageous and move beyond doubt, negativity and that inner voice telling you “I can’t.”

Successful professionals I’ve worked with develop positive, winning attitudes to jump over hurdles, and persistently maneuver around roadblocks to reach their goals. They believe “I can”… and I believe you can too!

You are meant to live as your “highest self” and to your fullest potential. You are not meant to be ordinary, but to be outstanding!

Are you ready to begin your journey toward your Masterpiece Life? If so, let’s get started.


[1] Tansey. 1996. p. 730 and p. 998.


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