F.A.B. Network

Welcome to my newest fabulous network: the F.A.B. Network(TM)* for Women! And of course F.A.B. is for conscious men as well!

I’m so proud of this new venture which is a culmination of years of ideas, plus all the fabulous things I–and the women I love working with–love too! I created F.A.B. because women need a resource and network that provides support and accountability for both personal and professional development and balancing these two sides of our lives. Today more than ever it is more and more difficult to accomplish balance in our lives–most people are either mastering financial success or spirituality to the detriment of the other.


To be most successful and accomplish the most growth and transformation in our lives–and ultimately be happiest–we must master and encompass all of these aspects in our lives. We can’t simply be wealthy with no one to share it with, with no sense of service or giving back to others. And all the meditation and yoga in the world will NOT insure that you are not sick and broke all the time. We must balance all these areas in our lives.

So if you’re wondering why I chose the name F.A.B., here it is:

F.A.B. stands for Freedom-Awareness-Balance(TM)!

F = FREEDOM: This refers to financial freedom and wealth building, money matters, career and other aspects of business and money. This is the section where we discuss success and professional development. Even the boring stuff you don’t want to hear but MUST learn about to obtain ultimate financial freedom, such as investments (hey, who doesn’t want to have a little extra cash to invest in a cute pair of shoes? Now that’s sexy!)

A = AWARENESS: Awareness refers to your spiritual side, having a presence, understanding yourself and others, the power of your intuition and also your Attitude! It is essential to first be aware of yourself and how you interrelate with others to have the most fulfilling relationships. Your presence and awareness also allows a place of gratitude for our blessings and a sense of service to humanity and giving back. This section is where most of your personal development and inner growth occurs.

B = BALANCE: Balance is the ultimate key to happiness! Often we hear about Work-Life balance, this is the blending of our two sides. Work and play, or success with the spiritual. It is also essential to understand the mind-spirit-body connection, such as feng shui. This section also includes important related issues such as productivity, lifestyle and wellness, and of course the FUN and Not-so-Guilty Pleasures in life like beauty, fashion, entertainment, arts & culture and all things play!


Over the next few months I will be developing courses, training seminars, and networking groups to expand the F.A.B. network and hope to open the F.A.B. Institute(TM) very soon!

More to come soon!

*F.A.B., F.A.B. Network(TM), F.A.B. Institute(TM), and Freedom-Awareness-Balance(TM) are all Trademarks of Alexandra Figueredo, and you must have explicit permission from Alexandra Figueredo to use them in any publication, document or other form of written, video or other media. For further inquiries, please call 786.390.1722.