My Olympic Transformation

This the story of my own Olympic Goal Challenge!

After my experience during the last Olympics, I discovered a new internal motivation inside myself. This spark has allowed me to focus on my goals and take action to quickly get lasting results. Watch the following video of me, my handheld (sorry for the poor audio-visual quality) and a dark staircase, telling my personal story of transformation.

How can you use the “Olympic mindset” in your own life? Athletics and sports are really a metaphor for our own internal struggles we go through on a daily basis in our own lives.

As I explain in the video, I’d been overweight for years and had gotten “stuck” thinking that I could never lose the weight. Although I was always “pretty,” I was still ranging in size from 12-14 (and probably larger, but I wouldn’t know because the stores I shopped at didn’t carry larger sizes). I’d try crash diets, fad diets, new gym memberships, you name it. I was in a rut and I was not coming out of it. My mind had become “programmed” to think I belonged at that weight. I didn’t even know how much I weighed really because after a certain point, I stopped checking. I remember thinking it would be a miracle to lose just 5 pounds. Apart from dictating what clothing I could wear in public, the extra weight was affecting other areas of my life, such as my energy level, self confidence, etc. My parents started to get concerned about my health, my dad even citing blood pressure and diabetes if I didn’t do something about my weight at that time, my 20s. Plus it was hurting me professionally because it’s difficult to help others when you’re tired all the time!

My sisters and me during Thanksgiving, I’m the one stuffed in the middle

I decided it was finally time to make a change in my life… to gain control of my body and mind.

I remember it clearly… the Olympics had just started and after my regular exercise routine, I decided to go up all the stairs of my building. I did it just one time and thought I was going to die! 20 flights is too much, I thought! But I decided then I was going to do the stairs EVERY DAY during the Olympics. So I started off going up my building once a day, and then two, then three. Was it difficult? You bet it was! Did I want to quit? You bet I did! Did I quit? Nope! I remember specifically my motivation was the confident “winning” attitude of Michael Phelps, the Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer:

“What would Michael Phelps do now? Would he quit? No, he wouldn’t!”

Dressed up as a belly dancer at Halloween after losing over 20 pounds in just a few months after I started my Olympic Goal Challenge…next step: get a tan!

And literally every step that I wanted to quit, I would utter those words. You know what… it got me through! After only a few days, I had pushed myself to go up and down my building 5 times (20 flights each way!) twice a day, in addition to my regular workout.

Within weeks I had lost over 10 pounds and the following month I lost over 5 more pounds. That may not sound like a lot, but for a 5’4 petite woman, that is over 10% of my body weight (and in reality, I know I lost more because at my heaviest I had stopped weighing myself for years!). And I still had more to go. I eventually lost more weight and I’m now where I am today being able to sustain the results for over 4 years at a size 2/4.


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