Personal Goals Coaching Package


Personal Achievement Coaching for 2012

Are you ready to hone in on what you really desire and come up with a Plan for Action for 2012? New Year’s Resolutions usually fizzle out after a couple of months, so now’s the time to create your plan and begin to take action!


Do you wish to earn more sales and income?

Do you want to gain the exposure you deserve for yourself and your work?

Do you want to find more time in your schedule to rest or do all the things you love?

Have you been hitting a wall and can’t seem to follow through on all your actions?


If you said yes to any of the above, now’s the time to map out your goals for 2012! This is what I do best, so I’m excited to be offering a special promotion just for you!



- Designed to get you clear about your Purpose, Goals and Aspirations, create a Plan for Action and provide accountability so you start to Complete your Goals!

- Choose HUGE goals to accomplish in 2012!

- Provide actionable steps and motivation so you achieve your goals!

What is Entailed:

- Fill out an initial questionnaire with your current goals, questions and areas of help requested

- Five 60-minute personal coaching conversations via phone or

- Receive a detailed “Personal Goals” Report, mapping out your goals, Plan for Action and Actionable Steps for success


- Includes a FREE Sculpt Your Life From Sketch to Masterpiece(TM) Success Program PDF (or e-Reader version, if preferred)

- 25% Off Coupon for all items purchased through during the months of coaching


All of the Above for Just: $1499! 

*Paid in one lump sum, OR you can pay in 3 payments of $550!


If you are new to coaching, I am also offering the following Personal Goals Assessment:


- Fill out a questionnaire with your current goals, questions and areas of help requested

- One conversation via phone or to discuss goals and clarify vision for 2012

- Choose HUGE goals to accomplish in 2012

- Receive a detailed “Personal Goals Map” Assessment, mapping out your goals and suggested actionable steps for success

All of the Above for Just $399!

*If you wish to proceed to the 5-Session Coaching Package, I will deduct this amount from the total Coaching Package Price!


Email me now for more information or for a free consultation to see if this is right for you at

Here’s to a successful and fulfilling 2012!