Stuck Growing Your Visibility?

Do any of these sound familiar?
Want to grow your brand and content, but overwhelmed or bogged down with so many tools or platforms?
Trying to connect with your audience, but not really engaging with or attracting your ideal clients?
Not making the impact you know you can with your mission and message?

Grow Your Visibility Easily

What if it isn’t about doing ALL the things but about choosing a few tried-and-true strategies that get you results across different platforms over and over.
These tools will tap you into your unique brand identity, attract your ideal clients and allow you to shine with content strategies that work best for you and your brand.
When you are in alignment with these elements, everything is easy and fun!

What You’ll Discover Over 2 Days During


#1: Elevate Your Brand & Connect With Your Audience

Elevate your brand identity, position yourself as authority in your industry and stand out for your target audience

#2: Create a Content & Visibility Plan

Develop the strategies and tactics that are best for your audience and that magnetically attract more followers and clients.

#3: Grow Your Reach With Viral Strategies

Audience building tools & strategies such as Instagram Reels that can exponentially reach your followers, clients, and community

During this event, you will:

*Elevate Your Brand Identity To Stand Out & Position Yourself As Authority In Your Industry

*Connect To Your Target Audience’s Client Journey To Better Communicate With Them

*Create A Content & Visibility Plan To Magnetically Attract & Engage The Right Audience

*Develop Viral Video & Instagram Reels To Grow Your Reach & Impact

*Visualization Exercises To Clarify Your Vision and Tap Into Your Soul’s Desires and Intentions For 2022

*“Love Seat” Laser Coaching: You will get to ask questions and have the opportunity for laser coaching

*Network & Mastermind: Develop deeper relationships with other participants, growing your network of high-end entrepreneur friends 

About The Host

Alexandra is a brand and performance coach and publicist who’s worked with thousands of passionate and Mission-driven entrepreneurs over the last 10 years. She spent the first half of her career in the financial corporate world until she discovered she wasn’t living her Mission. She resigned to co-found a startup that helped promote thousands of artists all over the world. She soon discovered she could use her business and communications background to create her own business doing what she loves and supporting others just like her to fulfill their Missions, build thriving 6- and 7-figure businesses and brands, and share their messages with the world.

She’s worked with international brands such as Samsung Latin America, Harman Kardan Latin America, Lemongrass Spa, Florida Supercon, Femwell Group Health, as well as celebrities, actors, athletes, CEOs, bestselling authors, and other public figures and high performers.

Alexandra also works with mindset and energy, and she is an energetic healer, Certified Professional Coach, Certified “Happy For No Reason” Trainer and certified dance instructor that incorporates all these modalities to move energy and clear any blocks standing in the way of your success for up to 10x faster and better results.

As a speaker and bestselling author, she’s been featured on CBS News, The New York Times, Business Insider, Career Builder, Natural Awakenings and continues to be featured in media outlets. She’s also a frequent guest on countless podcasts and stages.

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