Imagine If You Could Break Through & Boldly Elevate Your Brand Visibility With The Support & Community You Deserve!

Stuck Elevating Your Brand?

Frustrated because you’re not engaging or attracting your target audience?

Overwhelmed or paralyzed about what content to create or what tools or platforms to use to attract your audience?

Are you not making an impact with your message?

I get it…that happened to me too!

There are lots of strategies you could use to elevate your brand identity.

So it could feel overwhelming when you’re unsure which method or tactic to try.   

It’s frustrating trying all these new tools and feeling like you’re spinning your wheels, working really hard but nothing seems to work. 

Grow Your Visibility Easily

It’s not about doing ALL the tactics.

It’s about choosing a few tried-and-true strategies that get proven results over and over across different platforms.

What if you could:

  • tap into your unique brand identity that stands out

  • attract your target audience and right-fit leads

  • create captivating content strategies that promote you and your brand

  • develop your message to reach more people

 …while having more fun, freedom and impact?


You don’t have to imagine any more!


Brand Visibility Academy

When you join the Academy, you get access to the latest, trending tools, strategies, and platforms to grow your visibility, monetize your brand and make the most impact.

What you’ll get:

Monthly Training On A Trending Topic: Each month, you’ll get an intensive, live training with Alexandra Figueredo on a visibility strategy that will help you build your brand, audience and reach. Each training is designed to go in-depth on a specific subject matter that is timely and relevant. Alexandra will also answer your specific questions on the topic to help you further relate the topic to your own business. 

Academy Training Recordings: Members will also get access to all Academy trainings that you can refer back to at any time. Membership includes dozens of hours of trainings designed to help you grow your business.

Community Engagement: Plus, when you become a member of the Academy, you join a community of like-minded individuals who help each other through engagement, collaboration and other support to build their brands. Through our exclusive community thread, together we can help each other grow our engagement and reach on social media and gain support on other platforms. 


For a limited time, if you join today, you’ll get:

VIP Upgrades and Coaching (Value: $500.00) on all Facebook Challenges and similar events created and hosted by Alexandra. Past VIP participants have shared how valuable VIP coaching is during the challenges and events to further the teaching and hold participants accountable during the challenge. Note: VIP  upgrades are valid only during the months in which you are an active Academy member.

Build Your Brand Bootcamp VIRTUAL – Choice of December 9-11, 2022 or January 6-8, 2023  (Value: $1,000.00) – Access to your choice of one of these live, 3-day deep dive events where you’ll:

  • Clarify your niche and target audience to strengthen your message

  • Create a strong brand identity that stands out in your industry

  • Develop a visibility plan to reach your target audience

  • Discover new tools and strategies to grow on social media

  • Ways to monetize your brand and attract leads and opportunities 

  • Hot seat coaching, networking, and more!


My Branding Has Changed Completely Thanks To You!

“My branding has changed completely thanks to you! I feel much more confident when I give my website out. You even got me to change my logo, which I’m super happy about because I love it! Thank you so much, all your guidance has really helped me! I would highly recommend anyone to work with Alexandra; she is amazing!”

Ilia Kavoukis

Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

Keeps Me Accountable & Helps Every Step You Need

“Alexandra is more than a triple threat–she’s an incredible human being, coach and healer. She asks the hard questions, keeps me accountable & helps every step you need. If you work with her, you’ll make tons of progress–I know I have!”

Toni Marrese

Master Copy Writer

About Alexandra Figueredo


Alexandra is a branding and visibility strategist who’s worked with thousands of passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneurs for over a decade.

She spent the first half of her career in the corporate world until she discovered she wasn’t living her Mission. She resigned to co-found a startup that helped promote thousands of artists all over the world. She soon discovered she could use her business and communications background to create her own business doing what she loves and supporting others just like her to fulfill their Mission, build thriving 6- and 7-figure brands, and share their messages with the world.

She’s worked with large brands such as Samsung, Harman Kardan, Lemongrass Spa, Florida Supercon, Femwell Group Health, as well as celebrities, actors, athletes, CEOs, bestselling authors, and other public figures and high performers.

Alexandra also works with mindset as a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Energy Healer, Certified “Happy For No Reason” Trainer and Certified Dance Instructor and incorporates all these modalities to move energy and clear any blocks standing in the way of your success for up to 10x+ faster and better results.

She’s also a speaker, bestselling author of two books, and has been interviewed by CBS News, The New York Times, Business Insider, Career Builder, Natural Awakenings and numerous other media outlets and podcasts.

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